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DataCEVA is a full-service Data Consulting firm.


Our services are custom. We build cloud-based data infrastructures for your internal data and provide secondary source data options to take it to the next level.


Then we give you insights that range from isolating internal strengths and weaknesses, correlating market performance metrics to the drivers of those metrics, prioritizing key performance indicators for business relevancy, projecting geographic market adoption or predictive modeling. We’ll build the data pipeline that’s right for you.

We've built end-to-end dashboard solutions for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Through effective data engineering and creative visualizations, we provide a holistic view of your business designed to drive transparency and empower strategic action. Take a look at the sample below and let's talk about how you can leverage our expertise to take your business to the next level.


Are you looking to gain a competitive advantage? It starts with data.

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Dishant Rana, founder, started his career in risk management as an actuary in the Insurance Industry. He later transitioned to politics, one of the hottest fields for immediate insights, serving as Data Director at The Data Trust, one of the largest political data firms in Washington, DC. There he helped build and then lead a team of 30+ Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Project Managers, and Data Visualization Specialists.


He’s developed strategies and delivered custom products for clients across industries including Politics, Insurance, Digital Marketing, and National Trade Associations. He has the unique ability to view challenges with the acumen of a business consultant and the academic skill set of a technician.

Dishant Rana


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Working with data is messy.

You know you need it, but where to begin?

Our team will work with you to build a data strategy specific to your business, highlighting the right data sources and data tools to make more informed decisions.


Creating cohesive data infrastructure is an essential first step in becoming a data-driven organization.

We’ll build you an elegant framework in the cloud to seamlessly integrate your data with relevant outside data sets, providing clarity and delivering insights that make a difference on your bottom line. 



Data is only useful if you can

understand what it’s telling you.

We’ll create intuitive and informative reports and dashboards that present your data in a simple, easy to understand format so you can skip the hassle of data wrangling and focus on acting on meaningful business intelligence.



Create a new edge for your business with Data Analytics.

Whether it’s descriptive or predictive, modeling provides a portrait of your business and customers that you’ve never seen before. We take large and complex data sets and turn them into actionable, business-based insights.