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Streamlining Data Reporting for Investment Firms and Holding Companies


At DataCEVA, we work with investment firms, holding companies, venture capital, and private equity firms to provide comprehensive, auto-updating insights into their diverse portfolio companies. By leveraging our expertise in data engineering and analytics, we help these organizations overcome challenges associated with outdated data infrastructure, enabling them to access critical business information and make informed strategic decisions.

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Holding companies frequently face difficulties when it comes to extracting data from outdated data infrastructure used by their portfolio companies.

This hinders their ability to access timely and accurate information.
Moreover, they struggle with the inability to answer fundamental business questions and gain insights into the performance of individual portfolio companies and the overall portfolio.

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Proposed Solution

Custom ETL pipelines & Aggregated Reporting

  • Custom ETL pipelines: We design and implement tailor-made solutions to extract, transform, and load data from portfolio companies' legacy systems into a centralized database.

  • Aggregated reporting: We create a comprehensive reporting solution that empowers holding companies to view the performance of all portfolio companies in one aggregated report.

Our Process

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Unlock your data's true potential!


By implementing DataCEVA's solution, holding companies can experience significant improvements in their data management capabilities:

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DataCEVA's expertise in data engineering and analytics empowers holding companies to overcome challenges posed by legacy data infrastructure and improve overall portfolio management. Our cutting-edge solutions transform data management, making it more impactful and efficient for holding companies to drive their businesses forward.

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